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Learning the Chinese Language Online Vs. Going to China

31 Jul

Many people think that it’s better to stay in the environment of a language if you want to learn to speak it properly. That is most definitely correct. However, many people have their jobs and families to consider, so it’s not always convenient, or even possible, for most individuals just to start traveling around the world for several months simply to learn a new language.

Despite that truth, another great way to learn a language is with a native speaker. Not only can you learn the language, but also, and more importantly, you will learn more about the culture of the country from their teachers. However, you have to be cautious with this because not every native speaker can teach the language properly. Speaking a language is completely different from teaching a language. Teaching Chinese requires a different skill set, including patience, perseverance and understanding, which to be honest, most people don’t possess.

If you are having a difficult time finding a native Chinese speaker to teach you the language, why not try using online Mandarin Chinese teaching/tutoring sessions? It will be much more convenient and affordable! So when you look at things like that, it would seem like is the perfect choice for you! By using interactive whiteboard technology, SpeakMandarin generates an excellent learning atmosphere that incorporates the benefits of a virtual classroom, which can be considered as convenient, adaptable, and efficient as a physical classroom. Classes are conducted live in individualized settings, using teaching materials that can be customized based on your needs and wants. And what makes it even better is you can enjoy live Mandarin lessons no matter where you may happen to be.

If those perks weren’t enough, here’s one that will put the icing on the cake – you can start with a free trial! Yes, a FREE trial! Learning to speak Mandarin Chinese may not happen overnight for everyone, but with a free 25-minute session, who knows what you can learn! Once you have taken that session, you can then roll over what you have learned into your regular course schedule. It’s that easy! So don’t wait any longer! Sign up today and start learning how to Speak Mandarin!

Counting in Chinese for Kids – The Essentials

19 Jul

There are three simple steps to help make counting in Chinese for kids much simpler. The first of these steps is for your child to learn is the four pinyin tones, which will help him or her pronounce the Chinese characters numbers correctly. The second is to know the proper pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese numbers by listening to the language. The third step is to constantly listen to and interact with fluent or native Chinese speakers. It is best to do this every day for maximum assistance.

Counting in Chinese for kids in some ways can be easier that counting the numbers the way they are used to doing so. This is because with English numbers, after reaching the number ten, the numbers get more difficult in terms of twelve or twenty where the numbers are variations that combine numbers together. Chinese characters numbers are just putting together variations of 0 through 10 to write and speak the bigger numbers. Mandarin Chinese numbers put together two or more of the first ten numbers to make other numbers. For example, to reach a number such as 11, it would be added and written as 10 + 1; alternatively, the numbers are combined through multiplication, such as with 30, it would be written as 3 x 10; or the numbers are combine all together through multiplication and adding, such as with 45 where it would be 4 x 10 + 5. Mandarin Chinese numbers are said in a specific order similarly to English where the hundred is first then the tens followed by the ones, so 486 would be four hundred eight ten six.

The Chinese characters numbers are scripted using pinyin, which shows what tones are used to represent the pronunciation. Mandarin Chinese numbers use five tones. The first of the five tones makes a flat and high sound. The second pinyin tone is when the inflection in your voice goes up. Whereas in the third tone the inflection dips. In the fourth tone, the inflection in your voice goes down harsh and fast. The last one has no tone and is quick. These five tones are shown by using letters or symbols on or above the word of the Chinese characters numbers, and this is where counting in Chinese for kids can get a bit tricky. The number one, which is “yi,” uses the first tone and is expressed by an “i” with a “-“ above the letter. Two in Chinese is “er,” and it uses the fourth tone. The pinyin uses an “a” above the “e” to show the pronunciation. The number five is written as “wu” and pronounced using the third tone, which is expressed by a “u” above the “u.” Eleven, or “shi” in Chinese, uses the second of the five tones, which is shown with an “a” over the “i.”

These are just examples of the tones that are used for all the numbers and are formulated differently depending on the Chinese characters numbers that are being used. Counting in Chinese for kids can be easily picked up if they have the proper school or tutor with the proper lessons to accompany the teaching, and the best way is to have the program customized to the child’s level. So make sure your child is getting the most out of each of their Mandarin Chinese language lessons.

The Top Four Components of the Chinese Language

19 Jul

When learning Chinese, there are four important components that will help you with the Chinese language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Reading allows you to accumulate the knowledge and words from Chinese articles in order to grasp the main idea. During the reading process, you learn about Chinese writing and their way of speaking.

Once you have started reading Chinese well, you can begin to write in Chinese. The key to writing in Chinese is using proper words and organizing them the right way so that your writing is comprehensible. While you are learning to write in Chinese, your way of processing your thoughts in Chinese will improve immensely.

Listening is the next important step. Listening comprehension is an important way to obtain information. Listening to things such as news, movies and even songs can help you understand and adapt to the language. Learning to listen to the language before speaking it helps for the main fact that listening allows you to hear how words should be pronounced so it is easier for you to learn to speak in Chinese.

When communicating in another language, speaking is one of the most important aspects. When speaking Chinese, think of the way you wrote it and speak it with organization. It is better to think and put your thoughts together in full sentences, speaking slowly. The speed will increase with time. It will definitely help immensely if you continue to read, write and listen to Chinese while practicing speaking it because it will further your understanding and talking ability of the language.

After you go through these four components, you need to continue to practice them. After a while of working on your Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, you will be more fluent in the language and be able to communicate easier with native speakers.


Learn Chinese Quickly by Simply Listening More

19 Jul

Many foreigners want to learn Chinese in order to learn more about the present-day China. However, it’s not just about learning the language’s grammar and phrases. Instead, and more importantly, if you learn Chinese, you can use it as the perfect tool for communications of all kinds. You can use it for personal reasons, cultural diversity, school and business … The usage possibilities are nearly endless. incorporates more than 10 listening comprehension courseware materials every month to aid students in enhancing their listening skills better by strongly encouraging students to form good listening comprehension, which is one of the main points in learning any language. To do this, we encourage students to educate themselves on at least one language point each day and to attempt to use more of their spare time to learn Chinese as a whole.

Our instructors make every effort to teach the most common and most popular Chinese terms, phrases and sentences within these recordings. The courseware that is provided when teaching our students to learn Chinese covers many different aspects of Chinese culture and the language, including stories and/or articles relating to current events, the current economic state in China, life as a whole, the latest fashion trends, the “hot spots” around town, and many other popular and every day expressions. These lessons were previously only offered to those students who performed at the intermediate level or higher; however, we have now released them to all students! This makes it easier to learn Chinese for everyone.

With this new series of course work, your listening comprehension will drastically improve before you know it, as long as you keep up your hard work of course. So don’t wait any longer. Now is the perfect time to start your journey to learn Chinese!

How Can Chinese Language Lessons Help You?

19 Jul

At, we offer Chinese language classes/tutoring online for students of all levels and ages. Regardless of why, whether it is for a future trip, for fun, for school or business, we have classes to suit your needs and wants. Our teachers provide private instruction, allowing you to not only reach your goals, but also reach your full potential in a manner according to your schedule. Aside from that, you have the option to learn the Chinese language from one of our predefined courses or through completely tailored classes, allowing you to have more control over how and what you learn.

Business Chinese language classes primarily focus on using the Chinese language in a complete business setting, which includes speaking and writing Chinese. These business courses are intended to suit the needs of the executive world. Our business Chinese courses cover business writing (such as financial related content, how to succeed on job interviews and business etiquette) as well as fluency in the Chinese language.

Our highly trained and experienced Chinese teachers also provide school tutoring services. This particular program is extremely useful when it comes time for test preparation along with academic tutoring services for high school and college students looking to further their level in the Chinese language. These courses are designed for studying the Chinese language for school or for simply their own knowledge to be used in the future. These courses include listening, grammar, reading the daily news along with learning all aspects associated with the written form of the Chinese language daily in order to maximize their learning capabilities.

In addition to Chinese language classes, we do offer a diverse selection of other courses, which are designed to help you learn and understand the Chinese culture. Some of these classes include songs, stories, poetry, history, culture, and much more. These, especially when combined with the Chinese language classes, are perfectly suited for the casual and business traveler alike.

Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with Native Mandarin Chinese Speakers

19 Jul

Welcome to the blog, a place where you can learn all about Mandarin Chinese online easily, comfortably, and all in one place.

Now let’s talk a little about Here, we offer live, 1-on-1 customized tutoring with certified native Mandarin Chinese speaking teachers.

We go to great lengths to ensure the highest level of education for our students.

  • All of our teachers come from highly respected Chinese Universities and are certified in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language
  • We carefully screen each student, matching them with the appropriate learning level before beginning the course. This ensures that the student is getting the most out of their lessons. You can choose to have your course customized to fit your knowledge level and needs/wants or you can simply choose a predefined course package. It is totally up to you on how you want to learn Mandarin Chinese online.

Whatever your need is, whether it is for business, travel, school or just for fun, has you covered. Simply purchase credits, book the session time that fits your schedule and you too can begin to learn Mandarin Chinese online. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need any special course materials or books. All you need is a computer with a reliable internet connection and a headset, and you are ready to learn Mandarin Chinese online.

When you decide to learn Mandarin Chinese online through, you will see how our program works by providing you with

  • Live Mandarin Chinese classes anywhere and anytime you choose
  • Courses tailored to your knowledge level and needs/wants
  • Highly trained private Mandarin Chinese teachers
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  • A complete series of free studying materials to aid in self-teaching

If you’re still not sure if is the right choice for you, our free trial may be able to help. Sign up today so that you can see just how fun and easy it is to learn Mandarin Chinese online! So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Start today, and join the countless others who have already begun to learn Mandarin Chinese online at!

New Online Chinese Courseware Updates Every Week at!

12 Jul

It has been said that the process of learning a language is not just about the grammar and phrases. More importantly, it is a tool for communication. Practicing every day is needed. But please be assured that can help! Whatever your need is, whether it is for business, travel, school or just for fun, we have you covered. All of the courseware you can find at is FREE! We hereby gather the new courseware updates every two weeks on this page to keep working with your mandarin studying!

Please find hundreds of other courseware as your needs from here. Not enough? Try to talk with a real native Chinese teacher right now! Go to start your free trial live session now! Best Solution of Your Chinese Study Whenever & Whatever You Are.