The Top Four Components of the Chinese Language

19 Jul

When learning Chinese, there are four important components that will help you with the Chinese language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Reading allows you to accumulate the knowledge and words from Chinese articles in order to grasp the main idea. During the reading process, you learn about Chinese writing and their way of speaking.

Once you have started reading Chinese well, you can begin to write in Chinese. The key to writing in Chinese is using proper words and organizing them the right way so that your writing is comprehensible. While you are learning to write in Chinese, your way of processing your thoughts in Chinese will improve immensely.

Listening is the next important step. Listening comprehension is an important way to obtain information. Listening to things such as news, movies and even songs can help you understand and adapt to the language. Learning to listen to the language before speaking it helps for the main fact that listening allows you to hear how words should be pronounced so it is easier for you to learn to speak in Chinese.

When communicating in another language, speaking is one of the most important aspects. When speaking Chinese, think of the way you wrote it and speak it with organization. It is better to think and put your thoughts together in full sentences, speaking slowly. The speed will increase with time. It will definitely help immensely if you continue to read, write and listen to Chinese while practicing speaking it because it will further your understanding and talking ability of the language.

After you go through these four components, you need to continue to practice them. After a while of working on your Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, you will be more fluent in the language and be able to communicate easier with native speakers.



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