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Give a Second Chance to a Child on a Chinese Adoption Photolisting

27 Aug

It is possible to give a child that is already here in the United States a second chance that came from a Chinese adoption photolisting program. There are children here that need a second chance at happiness.

When giving a child a second chance from a Chinese adoption photolisting program, try learning the Mandarin Chinese language because you might be able to connect with the child on a personal level. When you are able to connect with a child like that, you might be able to obtain better results.

The children that need a second chance need parents who want a special needs child. It is not as if the original adoptive parents do want the child because of their medical condition. That is not the case at all; rather, the adoptive parents may not be ready for a special needs child because the child developed a medical condition that was not diagnosed until the child reached an older age.

When the child is diagnosed with a medical condition, the house that they were living in with their adopted parents became either too dangerous for the child or too dangerous for other family members.

When this happens, the Chinese adoption photolisting program takes the experience from that adopted family and learns from it, gaining what they can to ensure that the next home will be the one that will work best for the child, while at the same time, ensuring that it is safe for the new adopted family.

When adopting a second chance child, you will be able to know what type medical conditions that the child has. In most cases, the child will have RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder).  You will also have access to the child’s medical records, even the notes from their therapists that the child has seen.

Giving a child a second chance from a Chinese adoption photolisting will be a wonderful gift to the child because with them being so young still, they will need as much love and care from as many people as possible. They have already had a rough road in their life. So, why not make that road smother for them. The smoother his or her road is in life, the better they will be later in life.

Another great way to make his or her young life smoother is to learn a bit of Mandarin Chinese. This will make him or her feel much more comfortable knowing that you took the time to learn how to communicate with him or her. Something as simple as learning a child’s native language can make a world of a difference.

If you want to adopt a special needs child that is looking for a second chance, you will be able to connect with a Chinese adoption photolisting program and look under second chances. Everybody needs a second chance, especially if the first shot did not work because of something that was beyond anyone’s control.

Chinese Kids for Adoption and How You Can Make Them Feel More Comfortable

16 Aug

If you are looking at Chinese kids for adoption, you are also most likely thinking of ways to make them feel more comfortable during the transition period. Yes, smiles, hugs, and toys make all kids happy, but when looking to adopt kids from China, the likelihood of having a language barrier is quite high. For that reason alone, you should take the time to learn Chinese to break the barrier, make the child feel more comfortable around you, and to show Chinese Officials that you are serious about this adoption. Parents should always think of the child first, so make sure you are prepared to the best of your ability.

However, learning the Chinese language is not the only thing you need to look at throughout the adoption. Parents now must meet specific criteria in order to even consider Chinese kids for adoption. This criterion includes:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Income
  • Residency
  • Marital Status
  • And More

With all of these new requirements, it is a good idea to first read as much as you can about the process prior to considering Chinese kids for adoption. However, do not let these requirements stop you from considering adoption. Kids all over China are in desperate need of a family, so don’t let them keep waiting. The process may seem daunting, but the reward is well worth the work.

Just remember, there are far too many Chinese kids for adoption. Once you know what to do and how to do it, the process should go smoothly as long as you can meet the requirements and follow through with what is asked of you. Nevertheless, as said before because we just can’t stress it enough, always think of that adorable child first and make sure that he or she is as comfortable as possible with you during and after the adoption by breaking the language barrier and learning to speak Chinese. You will be glad you did…

Is Learning Chinese Characters Important?

13 Aug

Learning Chinese characters is often what concerns many students because they just want to learn to speak Chinese and learn Pinyin. They try explaining that they do not want to spend any extra time learning the characters because Pinyin is much easier to learn. Now in their defense, and to be honest, they are right; Pinyin is easier to learn and write. However, Pinyin is not always enough.

More and more students with this concern tend to return to their teacher wanting to learn Chinese characters once they have figured out that learning how to speak Chinese and learning Pinyin alone isn’t enough to communicate properly and fluently in Chinese. Now let’s look at the difference between the two.

A Pinyin word normally has four tones. A Pinyin with one tone can always represent more than one Chinese character, yet some students just type Pinyin without any tone. It will take a long time to figure out the meaning behind what was written if there is no tone to differentiate the words. For example,” zài” represents “再” in “再见” (bye) or “在” in “现在” (now). Students can handle it easier, and without any confusion, if they can just understand that there are two different meanings and two different characters. In addition, as we need Chinese characters when typing Chinese on the computer, so learning how to use them properly is essential.

Learning about the Chinese culture is a good idea as well so that you can understand the language and its history a bit better. An interesting fact relating to Chinese characters that few may know is that this is the only script in the world that has been used continuously for over three thousand years with independent development. Chinese characters are ideographic, so they are a good tool for communication, even for people of various dialects. It is a good way to understand the Chinese culture as whole as well.

You definitely can learn how to write Chinese characters from online sessions at various places, but ideally, you want to have a native Chinese teacher or tutor so that you can hear, comprehend and retain the language better. However, not all online schools have that essential aspect, but does. Nevertheless, the one thing to remember most of all when you are learning to speak, read and write Chinese is simple – have fun!