Bring in the Chinese New Year with Chinese Customs for Kids

8 Sep

The Chinese New Year is a very big festival in China. The Chinese will go to great lengths to ensure that everything is perfect for this day, as in they want to ensure that they will be able to bring in the New Year with a clean start, good luck, fortune and wealth. Needless to say, people have many customs to ensure that the New Year comes in the right way.

The first of several Chinese customs for kids is by having a grand feast at a relative’s house. At the feast, there is anywhere from between eight to nine different dishes. The normal types of dishes that are served at the feast are dumplings, oranges, long noodles, sticky rice cakes and sweet rice. There are other dishes, but it depends on the family and what they to eat and/or like to make.

Another one of the Chinese customs for kids that they will learn to pass on to their kids is when the family offers a bowl of sticky rice cakes to the Kitchen God, as a symbol to thank him for the dinner. They also offer the Kitchen God Glutinous rice balls with a brown sugar soup, which is offered to please the Kitchen God.

Chinese customs for kids don’t stop there. On the biggest day of the year for the Chinese, it is customary to wear new clothes on the Chinese New Year. Everyone tries to wear the color red because they believe that it will get rid of any evil there might be lingering around. Additionally, everyone tries not to wear black because it represents death.

A very popular one of the Chinese customs for kids is to receive gifts from their friends and family. The gifts that are given on this day are a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Many of the adults will give their young family members money in a red envelope. The person that receives the gift bows their head three times. This is to show respect to the presenter of the gift.

One of the last Chinese customs for kids is to honor the animal for the year. Each year is different animal; it depends on the calendar year and the moon cycle. There are 12 different animals in the Chinese Zodiac: Dog, Dragon, Goat, Horse, Ox, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Rooster, Snake and Tiger. Whichever animal represents that year, the Chinese families incorporate it to the decorations that they are placing.

Learning Mandarin Chinese will help during the Chinese New Year because you will be able to understand all of the activities better. Also, when learning Mandarin Chinese, you will be able to participate more actively in the Chinese New Year.



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