Must See Chinese Attractions When Traveling to China

11 Sep

When traveling to China, a great way to spend quality time with your kids is to go the different Chinese attractions that are right there in China. Because many Chinese attractions carry a great deal of history with them, this is a wonderful way for you and your entire family to learn about the Chinese culture.

There are numerous different Chinese attractions that the entire family can go to, to have some fun and learn at the same time. Here are just a few Chinese attractions that any traveler to China should stop and see:


  • Hong Kong Island
    • It is located in the southern portion of Hong Kong Special in the Administrative Region.
  • Take a trip on either the Yangtze or Yellow River (or even both)
  • The Karakorum Highway
    • This is the highest paved road in the world, all while connecting Pakistan and China across the Karakoram mountain
  • Macau
    • A special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, along with Hong Kong
  • Nanjing
    • The capital of Jiangsu
  • Shanghai
    • The largest city of China
  • Xian
    • The capital of the Shaanxi province
  • The Forbidden City
    • This is where the ancient Chinese imperial palace is located
  • Grand Buddha
    • Located in Ling Shan
  • The Great Wall of China
    • It was built between 220–206 B.C.
    • With all of the branches, it measure out to be 21,196 km (13,171 miles)
  • Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve
    • This nature preserve is located just North of the Sichuan province in South Western China
  • The Summer Palace
    • Which when translated means “Gardens of Nurtured Harmony”
    • It is located in Beijing, China
  • Tai Shan
    • A mountain in China
  • Yungang Caves
    • It is an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple that is near the city of Datong
  • Army of Terracotta Warriors
    • This is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang


As you can see, there are many different adventures you can encounter while visiting any number of the Chinese attractions that it will be a fun learning experience for the entire family. It is always great idea to do things together as a family because then you will be able to grow as family. With going to these Chinese attractions, you will be able to learn something that you might have known about, while still spending time together as a family.

Something you might to want to think about doing is learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese because while you are going to these attractions, there will be things written and said there that will be in Mandarin Chinese. By learning the language now, you can understand the attraction better when you get there.


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