Why Learn Chinese from SpeakMandarin?

22 Sep

Why learn Chinese from SpeakMandarin.com? Where should we start? If you are looking for an affordable, efficient, and convenient way to learn the Chinese language, there is no better place on the internet that SpeakMandarin … Plain and simple.

There are many reasons people are looking to start learning Chinese. Career advances are one of the main reasons for learning the language. Once you have that skill on your resume, you have a better chance of advancing your career or even landing the job of your dreams. This can all happen from simply learning a new language. But you are still probably wondering, “Why learn Chinese?” The answer is simple – many companies are now outsourcing to China or are having their inventory imported from China for the simple fact that it is more cost efficient. Once you can speak the Chinese language, you can now handle that aspect of things within a company, which now makes you a hot commodity.

Aside from the business aspect of learning Chinese, children can learn a new language as well. Bilingual kids will have more opportunities as they grow older. Just remember, it is never too early to start learning Chinese. Counting in Chinese for kids is a great way to start them off with the language. They can then concentrate on the Chinese counting method, which is a bit different from the English way of counting. However, as long as they child can count in English, picking up the Chinese character numbers shouldn’t be overtly difficult for them to learn.

So stop wondering, “Why learn Chinese?” and just start learning. SpeakMandarin offers all new individuals a free trial session, so you can start with that and work from there. Now you may be wondering exactly what Chinese courses are offered. Below is just a sample of what is offered:

  • ILR Test preparation
  • Business Chinese
  • Survival Chinese
  • Chinese characters
  • Chinese for kids
  • Standard Chinese
  • Listening comprehension
  • And much more

These are just a few of the programs offered. Also, don’t forget that at SpeakMandarin, you have the option of taking the pre-defined courses or you can have the courses customized to suit your needs, wants and level of the Chinese language. Just remember, SpeakMandarin is always here to help!


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