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Chinese Culture for Kids

15 Oct

Every nationality has a different lifestyle than others. When it comes to the Chinese culture for kids, nobody really knows. Some people just know what they see in movies or different things on TV. When watching about another culture, they really do not go into detail or even give the proper information. People should know about what really happens with within the Chinese culture for kids.

For instance, food plays a big role in the Chinese culture for kids. Each food has its own meaning that is special to the Chinese culture for kids and adults alike. Something else that is very important in Chinese culture is the type of food that is made will depend on who will be serving the food. And practically everybody knows that the Chinese use chopsticks to eat.

Another aspect of the Chinese culture for kids is that China does not follow the same calendar year like everyone else. The Chinese follow a calendar year that is based on according to the lunar cycle. In the Chinese culture, for kids and adults alike, a great deal of preparation is done prior to the New Year. The Chinese want to do away with the old year and bring in the New Year with traditions and special food. The most common tradition during the New Year season is the sweeping of the floors before New Year’s Day. They do this because they want to sweep up any evil and bad luck that might be around before the New Year, so they can welcome the New Year with peace, hope and happiness.

Along with the Chinese calendar year being different, so are their Zodiac Signs. The Chinese Zodiac follows a 12-year cycle. Each year has a different animal that represents that year.  For example, 2010 was the year of the Tiger. The Chinese Zodiac does share a common feature in their zodiac signs. Just like everybody else’s zodiac, each person that is born under that zodiac sign will have those particular characteristics, which in this case would be an animal.

Even though each culture has their traditions, it is still always interesting to learn about each one. It will help us understand our customs a little bit better because some customs are extremely close to another country’s custom.  Learning about Chinese culture for kids is also a good learning experience for other children around the world so they can understand China a little better.


Chinese Facts for Kids that They Should Know

13 Oct

There are many Chinese facts for kids that not many people know about; however, just because not many people know about them, does not mean that the facts are not important. We all should know about the facts regarding China. It might help us understand our own daily lives better. There is nothing wrong with knowing about different facts when it comes to a country that we may not live in or even near.

Did you know where ice cream came from? Ice Cream came from China around 2,000 B.C. When it was first discovered, it was not made the same way. It was made by the Chinese who would make a soft rice and milk mixture and packed it into the snow. Ever since then, we have had ice cream. This is one of many great Chinese facts for kids to know.

The Earth is made up of many different countries, with each country being a different size. Out of all the different countries in the world, China is the largest on Earth.  It may not seem like that because some countries are connected, but when looking on the map, you will be able to see the borderlines of all the different countries.  By doing so, you will notice that China is the largest country.

China does not follow the same calendar year as the United States. The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle.  When the cycle is fully complete, it will take 60 years before it does again.  The Chinese calendar dates all the way back to 2,600 B.C. and it is the oldest known calendar in the world.  This is yet another one of many interesting Chinese facts for kids to learn because they might think that everybody follows the same calendar year.

Along with their calendar year, different years are represented by an animal. The twelve animals, according to the Buddha, are so named because the animals came to visit Buddha before he left. The Chinese believe that the person that was born in that animal’s year will have characters of that animal.

The Chinese have different beliefs than what Americans do.  When a child loses a tooth, they do not place it under the pillow like the children do in the United States. In China, when a child loses his or her upper tooth, the parent will plant the tooth into the ground. They do this so the new tooth comes in healthy and straight. When the child loses his or her bottom tooth, then the parents will throw the tooth towards the roof. This is done so the new tooth will grow upright.

There are many different facts that many people do not know about when it comes to the Chinese beliefs and way of living. When you are about to do something, stop and think what the Chinese might do in a similar situation.