Optimize Your Strategy in Learning Mandarin Chinese!

26 Feb

When I was a college teaching assistant in Chinese Department, I was asked many times by my students of how they can learn mandarin Chinese faster and memorize better, within their crazy college schedule. Trying to persuade them Rome was not built on one day (In Chinese: 罗马不是一天建成的。) didn’t seem to work well. All in all, as  a second, or maybe third language, we don’t have the determination as to build Rome devoted into your language studies. Moreover, learning a language like Chinese is probably the most challenging yet tedious process you can have. Therefore, my suggestion, to my students in college, and to my dear customers of SpeakMandairn.com, is to optimize your learning strategy!

Start slowly, experience the Chinese language first, and then think through it. Don’t just take it all in at once. Chinese language is a heritage from the 5000 years of Chinese history. It has so much to offer beyond the language itself: the formation of different idioms are associated with different stories; Chinese characters (汉字) are developed through inscriptions on the shell…Cultivate some love and interest into this language can always make the learning process more fun and livable.

Everyday is a crucial day if you accumulate a little to form a lot. I especially like the Supermemo.net learning idea. It’s a very useful way to help students learn Chinese by themselves and with their Chinese tutors. Learn a lesson on Day 1, review the portion you may forget on Day 2 and 3 until it has been engraved in your brain like a gem. Then start something new. Months later you will notice the difference. Learning a language is not “a big deal”, but really a small thing to do each day to make a total difference. What leads you through may not be the passion you have, but definitely the persistence you own.

Well, I have to admit that it has to come to the point of endless repeating and struggling of memorization. You can always take a break. But be aware of the risk of putting your previous efforts in vain, and that can even lead to a goodbye to your learning of Chinese. Find a learning partner, switch a topic, travel to China, talk to someone who is native…tons of strategies you can use to resume your passion in this path. That’s why we have partner classes offered. Rome was not built on one day, but it was built eventually and stays till today! You will make it too!


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