Have you eat Roast Duck (烤鸭 kǎo yā) before?

21 Mar

Roast duck (烤鸭 kǎo yā) is a must try when you visit Beijing. It leaves you with a flavor (味道 wèi dào) and aroma (香味 xiāng wèi) which will be unforgettable (难忘 nán wà) for a long time.
It can be dated back to the Ming Dynasty (明朝 míng cháo) during which Peking Roast Duck became an important (重要 zhòng yào) course (菜 cài) during imperial feast (宴会 yàn huì). Nowadays, many restaurants (餐馆 cān guǎn) provide Peking Roast Duck worldwide. However (但是 dàn shì), Quan Ju De (全聚德 quǎn jù dé) Restaurant has been esteemed as the most famous and authentic (正宗 zhèng zōng) one.

The three serving stages make Peking Roast Duck even more distinctive (特别 tè bié). After being cooked in a hang oven, the whole duck is presented in front of the table. First, skin (皮 pí) is sliced into pieces and ate with sauce. Then, meat is wrapped in pancakes with scallion and cucumber. The bone and fat can be used to make soup (汤 tāng) or fried rice if needed, otherwise, customers can take them home.

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