Chinese Calligraphy — 中国书法 / Zhōngguó Shūfǎ

9 Apr


Writing (写字 xiě zì) has been a way to express the Chinese culture (文化 wén huà). Using a writing brush (毛笔 máo bǐ), dipping in Chinese ink (墨水 mò shǔi), then, calligrapher can dance (跳舞 tiào wǔ) in a piece of rice paper (宣纸 xuān zhǐ). Many (许多 xǔ duō) ancient (古代 gǔ dài) calligraphy works (作品 zuò pǐn) were preserved (保存 bǎo cún) by being carved (刻 kè) onto steles (石碑 shí bēi). Calligraphy styles vary (不同 bù tóng) from dynasty to dynasty. Kǎishū (楷书) is regular and very (非常 fēi cháng) classic; cǎoshū(草书) is written with less constrains in very fast movement. If you have a chance to visit to the Forest of Steles in Xi’an (西安 碑林 Xī’ān Bēilín), you will be able to explore the full beauty of Chinese calligraphy.

But at present, less of people know how to use writing brush to write. It’s a great pity for Chinese culture! To practice calligraphy is a very good way to understand Chinese ancient culture and Chinese characters very well. And it is also a great way to cultivate of one’s temperament. It’s certainly worth a try.


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