It’s another Spring! – Let’s learn some Chinese words about Spring!

12 Apr

            As the day (白天 báitiān) length (长度 chángdù) increases (增加 zēngjiā), we notice (发现 fāxiàn) that Spring (春天 chūntiān) is coming. The sunshine (阳光 yángguāng), the blossoming (花开 huākāi), the recurrence (再次出现 zàicì chūxiàn) of the color green (绿色 lǜsè) make people want to sing for it. Ever since ancient China, Spring has become the most poetic (有诗意的 yǒushīyìde) season and numerous poets have written lines to praise (赞美 zànměi) the beauty of Spring. Among all the loveliness of Spring, nothing can compare with the Spring rain (春雨 chūnyǔ) that has raised the most attention (关注 guānzhù). There is an old saying “春雨贵如油” (chūnyǔ guì rú yóu), that rain during Spring time is dearer than oil. It awakes (唤醒 huànxǐng) and irrigates (浇灌 jiāoguàn) life and makes the world prettier (更美丽 gèngměilì). Chinese also use “一年之计在于春” (yìnián zhījì zàiyú chūn)- A year’s plan starts with Spring-as a simile to tell people to start planning things earlier. Du Fu (杜甫 Dù Fǔ), one of the greatest poets in Tang Dynasty once wrote:

Hǎoyǔ zhī shíjié, dāngchūn nǎi fāshēng.
Pleasant rain came in a perfect time when Spring arrives.
Suífēng qián rù yè, rùnwù xì wúshēng.
Sneaking in by night with wind, it touches everything with soft hands.

Let’s plan and get started earlier in this Spring with Learn more useful Chinese Language from now on!


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