The Terracotta Army (Chinese: 兵马俑 bīng mǎ yǒng)

1 Aug

The Terracotta Army (兵马俑 bīng mǎ yǒng) of China’s first emperor (皇帝 huáng dì) Qing Shi Huang (秦始皇 qín shǐ huáng) are located in Lintong, area near Xi’an city (西安市 xī’ān shì) in Shaanxi Province (陕西省 shǎnxī shěng). offers online mandarin Chinese tutoring lessons. It was discovered in 1974 by a farmer and later on part of it was built into a museum (博物馆 bówùguǎn) for exhibition to the public. Please find more funny Chinese lessons from here at and have online Chinese lessons with our experienced Chinese teachers.

Believed to be the most significant archeological excavation (挖掘 wājué) in the 20th century, the Terracotta Army contain a variety of statues (雕像 diāoxiàng) including warriors (战士 zhànshì), horses (马 mǎ), officials (官员 guānyuán), musicians (乐师 yuèshī), and etc. Today’s exhibition is only a small fraction of the entire statue group, which is a part of the Qing Shi Huang’s tomb. But why did China’s first emperor build himself such a giant (巨大的 jùdàde) fake (仿造的 fǎngzàode) army (军队 jūnduì)?

Archeologists (考古学家 kǎo gǔ xué jiā) have believed that it is for the emperor’s desire to maintain (维持 wéichí) power and legitimacy afterlife. Qing Shi Huang started to construct (修建 xiūjiàn) his tomb after ascending the throne at the age of 13. Until his death at the age of 50, the tomb had been under construction for 37 years. Artists, skilled workers and numerous labor were gathered and put into the project. Many, upon the finish of the tomb, were killed and buried in order to eliminate the knowledge existing in the world of the tomb. Today, the emperor’s tomb remains a mystery, with the only exposure of the Terracotta Army.


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