Your One-Stop Online Mandarin Chinese Program Solution at

15 Aug

Have you been thinking about building a Chinese Language (Learn Chinese Language) program in your school, but haven’t yet because there is not enough interest among the students yet to justify the recruitment of a full-time Mandarin Chinese teacher? Or maybe you have the interest, but you don’t have enough in your budget to do so … Or maybe there simply are no teachers of that caliber available in your area. Whatever your situation may be, our One-Stop Online Mandarin Chinese Program could be a perfect solution for you. connects students from around the world to our certified teachers in Beijing via theinternet. Our One-Stop Online Mandarin Chinese Program consists of three modules: live online group instructional sessions, live online individual sessions, and self-learning homework sessions.

Engaging: In contrast to traditional online learning, where the courses are pre-recorded and thus lack the interaction between the teachers and the students, all of our online sessions are live and led by our certified teachers. In addition, the students have unlimited access to the faculty resources via the course’s website, emails, and other forms of communication.

Efficient: With the high engagement of our teaching team, the students will not just learn the language, but also, and more importantly, they will gain the fluency that many traditional classrooms cannot teach.

Economic: Low cost. There are no addition fees of any kind needed to launch our program.

We customizes programs to meet the special requirements of each school. Some of sample textbooks include Integrated Chinese(中文听说读写)  HuanYing(欢迎) Chinese Link  …


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