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Basic Chinese Facts For Kids About Learning The Chinese Language

8 Jun

In modern society, the whole world(世界 shìjiè) is one big market. The communication between countries(国家 guójiā) is becoming more and more visible. That is why learning other languages(语言  yǔyán) is becoming a focal point for many countries and individuals alike. Many families agree that it is necessary to let their children gain control over two or more languages. They think the second language is useful, if not vital in today’s world.

During human development, childhood is a very important stage for language development. In this stage, kids can come into a language environment with a clear and open mind. Kids can hear the new language, and then do some simple repetition. This is how kids learn their native language(母语 mǔyǔ). However, at that same age, research shows that it is generally believed that 4 to 10 years of age is the best age to start learning a second language. Despite that, in order to learn a second language properly, you must first learn a few basic facts about the country. So having said that, let’s look at some basic Chinese facts for kids.

China is a friendly(友好的 yǒuhǎode) country with a vast market and ancient civilizations to match. To make friends in such a charming country and to truly feel Oriental civilization, which differs greatly from the Western world, you should understand the world as a whole more. It is for these and many other reasons that Chinese has become the first choice when deciding on which second language their children should be learning in many Western families. That being said, Chinese facts for kids are becoming a hot point everywhere you turn, but especially facts about the language.

For the child who studies the Chinese language(汉语 hànyǔ), we need pay attention to these two parts:


  • The child’s language teacher must be very careful. He or she not only teaches the language, but also how to study and protects the child’s curiosity as well.


  • The teacher has to control the teaching rhythm and make sure the child can fully understand the previous lesson prior to moving forward. The teacher needs to be able to hold the child’s attention and provide them with something that interests them in order for the child to get the most out of the lessons.


Another one of the many Chinese facts for kids regarding learning Chinese is that it is not as hard(难 nán) as many people often think. If you choose the right timing and find a very professional teaching organization for your children, they can learn the Chinese language rather quickly. They can talk Chinese from a very young age, and they can talk to their Chinese friends on the Internet(网上 wǎngshang). If you build a proper language environment(语言环境 yǔyán huánjìng) for your kids, they will learn Chinese very fast.