About Us

Mission statement
Our mission at SpeakMandarin.com is to provide the most efficient, convenient and affordable Chinese language learning solution to anyone, anywhere in the world.

What we do?
Speakmandarin.com offers one-on-one/one-to-many Internet based Chinese language lessons with experienced native Mandarin speaking coaches live in Beijing. All Sessions are live and fully interactive with the support of our versatile virtual classroom. Whether you are learning Chinese for the first time or using our service to supplement your studies, we will teach what is interesting to you and at a pace you are comfortable with.

SpeakMandarin is a revolutionary way to learn Chinese.By utilizing interactive whiteboard technology, we create an excellent learning environment that integrates the benefits of a virtual classroom that is as adaptable, convenient and efficient as a physical one. Our classes are conducted live; in individualized settings and using teaching materials that can be customized based on your needs.

Who we are?
SpeakMandarin.com is a young team.Our story began from the year 2008.This year we started to develop the hottest online mandarin training system. We combined the Chinese mandarin learning/tutoring and internet tool together, provided all the learners an effective, useful and convenient Chinese learning environment of online one-on-one training.

The Chinese teachers team of SpeakMandarin.com is a diversified group of language Coaches who speak Chinese and are fluent in many foreign languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean and more. We have a wide range of teaching expertise and have taught all levels from children to business professionals. Members of our team hold advanced degrees from some of China’s most famous universities, such as Beijing University, Beijing Normal University and the Beijing Language & Culture University. Now we want to share our wealth of knowledge with you and show you how fun and easy learning Mandarin Chinese can be!

No one will see the future now, so what we could do is just make a forecast——we believe that, the world would be planar after the draw of Time; from now on, we could satisfy any form of the demands of learning languages via the internet; and what we provide will be absolutely what you need! All of us always try to our best to offer better and better services to any users!

How it works?
Take a Tour will show you how SpeakMandarin.com works in mandarin sessions. You could find answers from FAQ page or Demo page about almost of your questions. Or,please feel free to contact us if you have any other question.

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