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月饼 / yuè bǐng Moon cake

25 Sep

In China, the tradition (传统 chuántǒng) of eating moon cakes in the Mid-autumn Festival (中秋节 zhōngqiū jié) can be dated back (追溯 zhuīsù) to the Tang Dynasty (唐朝 Tángcháo) in ancient China. The round moonshape cake means reunion (团圆 tuányuán) and happiness (幸福 xìngfú).
It was one Mid-autumn Festival in Tang Dynasty when General (将军 jiāngjūn) Li and his army (军队 jūnduì) defeated (打败了 dǎbàile) the Hun (匈奴 xiōngnú) army. The emperor (皇帝 huángdì) was in such a good mood (心情 xīnqíng) that he shared (分享 fēnxiǎng) his round cake with his ministers (大臣们 dàchénmen). Therefore, the moon cakes became the victory (胜利 shènglì) food for General Li and his army on that day. The tradition was passed on through generations. Even today (今天 jīntiān), Chinese people around the world will share moon cakes in celebrating the reunion of Mid-autumn Festival.
The traditional moon cakes have a round crust (表皮 biǎopí) filled with different fillings (馅 xiàn) such as sweet bean paste (红豆沙 hóngdòushā) and lotus seed paste (莲蓉 liánróng). Today, many derivatives of the moon cakes have been invented (发明 fāmíng) based on the modern (现代的 xiàndàide) taste (口味 kǒuwèi). Ice cream (冰淇凌 bīngqīlíng) moon cake is the traditional crust filled with ice cream. Fruit (水果 shuǐguǒ) moon cakes have fresh fruits as stuffing. There are even sea food moon cakes and whole wheat moon cakes.
Now, it’s time for you to find out your favorite moon cake! Please talk with your Chinese teacher at about your mid-autumn Festival.

What is the most favorite (喜爱 xǐ ài) cuisine in winter (冬天 dōng tiān) China? -Hot pot (火锅 huǒ guō)!

26 Mar

What is the most favorite (喜爱 xǐ ài) cuisine in winter (冬天 dōng tiān) China? Hot pot (火锅 huǒ guō) would take the Top One place without any doubt (怀疑 huái yí). Hot pot goes with a simmering metal pot at the center (中间 zhōng jiān) of the table, with raw (生的 shēng de) food spreading around it. Food is then placed (放 fàng) into the boiling water (水 shuǐ) and cooked instantly (立刻 lì kè) with fresh (新鲜 xīn xiān) scent (香味 xiāng wèi) and taste (味道 wèi dao). You can put almost everything you like into a hot pot: lamb (羊肉 yáng ròu), fish (鱼 yú), beef (牛肉 niú ròu), spinach (菠菜 bō cài), tofu (豆腐 dòu fu), etc. Hot pot style (种类 zhǒng lèi) varies among different regions (地区 dì qū) of China. Sichuan style tends to be extremely spicy (辣 là), while Beijing style uses special (特别的 tè bié de) copper pot as shown in the picture. Why (为什么 wèi shén me) hot pot is so hot in winter China? It is believed that not only the great taste, but also the atmosphere of family and friends getting together makes the dinner so warm (温暖 wēn nuǎn) in winter time. Please view from here if you want to learn more words in Chinese about 火锅!

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