Meet Our Teacher

Teacher Rachel Rachel Wu (吴胜男)
With a major of Chinese from Beijing International Studies University, Ms. Wu is
skilled in both spoken and written English. Japanese is also a language skill for
her as well. Ms. Wu is good at teaching pronunciation, conversation, grammar and
Chinese culture. With a lively personality, she always brings her enthusiasm for
teaching to the class.

Get to know Teacher Wu from her recording now!

Teacher Molly Molly Zhao (赵颖)
Ms. Zhao has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She has taught
the Chinese language and culture in the U.S. She has an excellent command of both
spoken and written English. One of her goals for the class is not only to share
the Chinese language, but also to share the way to learn Chinese. Providing a relaxed
and friendly learning environment, Ms. Zhao strives to connect with her students
and bring them a little bit of happiness in their Mandarin studies.

Get to know Teacher Zhao from her recording now!
Teacher Celia Lin Lu (陆琳)
Ms.Lu has a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language from Beijing
Normal University. She has been teaching Chinese for three years and her English
is also fluent.With the experience of teaching Chinese language in many projects,
such as Princeton in Beijing, UC schools in Beijing, CET, she possesses her own
style to teach Chinese. In her class, students will enjoy every minute of learning

Get to know Teacher Lu from her recording now!
Teacher Hebe Hebe He (何慧)
Ms. He has been teaching Chinese language for more than six years. Her students
are not only from different countries and different ages, but are also from different
work areas, ranging from student, to worker, to CEOs and international dignitaries.
Ms. He is good at teaching pronunciation, conversation, grammar and Chinese culture
.She can help you to build up your own vocabulary and grammar system, and help you
quickly master the Chinese language.

Get to know Teacher He from her recording now!
Teacher Debbie Debbie Zhu(朱丽娜)
Since 2007, she has been teaching foreigners Chinese. Her main job is the promotion
of Chinese language and culture through Chinese language course for foreigners.
She has provided many different levels of courses tailored to meet the students
needs include Basic Chinese, Intensive Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese for Managers,
The Chinese language level examination (HSK). She gained a lot of practical experience
over the past few years ,and has a very good reputation for her patience, innovation,
and detail orientation, being well organized but flexible at the same time and providing
excellent communications with every student. Even more important to her, students
help her a lot and love what she chooses to build lessons around.

Get to know Teacher Zhu from her recording now!
Teacher Ying Ying Liu(刘莹)
Ms. Liu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She taught in
an International high school for one year, another year in Chinese language training
school, and now she has been teaching on Internet for more than three years. She
has a variety methods she uses for teaching and take a flexible approach with foreign
students to learn speaking and listening.

Get to know Teacher Liu from her recording now!

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