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New Year custom of money gifts becomes burden for many. (新年发红包,风俗传统却渐成负担。)

20 Feb
Hongbao(红包 hóngbāo) are gifts(礼物 lǐwù) of cash(现金 xiànjīn) in red(
红色的  hóngsè de ) envelopes(信封 xìnfēng). The name comes from(来自 láizì) the red envelope in which the money is contained.They are given to children(孩子 háizi ) by older(年长的  niánzhǎng de) family members(家庭成员 jiātíng chéngyuán) on Chinese(中国的 Zhōngguó de) New Year(新年 xīnnián) as lucky(幸运的 xìngyùnde) gifts for the year ahead. The gifts can range from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan for a child. Actually, the amount of money(钱的数额  qián de shù’é) in hongbao usually comes in even numbers(偶数 ǒushù) like 600 and 800, as even numbers are supposed to be lucky in Chinese culture(中国文化 Zhōngguó wénhuà).  
For many of those who have many relatives(亲戚   qīnqi), hongbao has turned from a cherished tradition(传统 chuántǒng) to an annual(每年的  měiniánde) ritual(仪式 yíshì) that brings mixed feelings(喜忧参半  xǐyōu cānbàn). Also, many people even see hongbao as a sugarcoated(粉饰 fěnshì) way of socializing(交际 jiāojì).
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