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Where to Start When Learning to Draw Chinese Characters

12 Dec

Chinese is an interesting language, but it is a little hard for some. There are many benefits of learning Chinese in today’s world. And if you are trying to learn how to draw Chinese characters for fun, no problem! We have found a few things to consider that all beginners should know prior to starting to learn the Chinese language. However, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that eventually you must need to know how to draw Chinese characters.

What is Pinyin?

As previously discussed, Chinese characters don’t seem to be phonetic, which means they have no obvious sounds attributed to them. Instead, they’re pictographs or symbols that represent completely different ideas and/or thoughts. These symbols work well for visual communication through writing and reading.

As an example, let’s draw a human figure that everyone will scrutinize to one point or another.

This happens once individuals from completely different nations get along and try to speak. So why is there a problem? Because of the variance in language and culture, a person from nation A may pronounce it “person,” while someone in nation B may see the same figure and pronounce it completely different. They may even possibly say a completely different word, not even remotely close to the figure that nation A would be accustomed to hearing, such as “potato.” This is one reason Pinyin was created. Pinyin, which uses the more common Roman script, came to be to resolve this problem, as well as to create an easier way to pronounce words in Mandarin Chinese correctly for those of us not familiar with Chinese characters. That’s why, before learning a way to look at, pronounce or to draw Chinese characters, you should try to learn Pinyin first. Once you have mastered Pinyin with your Chinese tutor, together with mastering Chinese tones, you should then move onto learning how to read and draw Chinese characters.

What is the best way to learn the Chinese language?

Now you probably do not have time to travel to China and study with a native Chinese person overseas. Don’t worry. There are quite a few package programs and online courses available where native Chinese speakers teach you each step of learning and mastering the Chinese language, starting with the pronunciation and tones all the way through learning Pinyin and how to draw Chinese characters, and everything in between. If you want to truly master the Chinese language, you must use these programs. It’s next to impossible to be taught how to pronounce the four Chinese tones unless you hear them directly from a native Chinese speaker. It is for all these reasons that being taught the Chinese language online is probably one of the best ways to learn this fabulous language.



Chinese Culture for Kids – Native Animals

5 Dec

Native animals are part of the Chinese culture for kids. Children love animals, so teaching children about the different animals that are found in China should be a fun and exciting experience for them. China is full of different animals that you might find in various animal books or even in your local zoo. There is a wide and varying range of native animals due to China’s diverse climates.

A number of China’s native animals some people might know. The first animal is the Giant Panda. The Giant Panda is found in the forests and mountains that are located in Southwest China. This animal is on the endangered species list.

The next animal is the Red Panda. The Red Panda was on the endangered list, but has since made a recovery and is not considered endangered any longer.

Another animal is the Chinese Alligator, which is much like the American Alligator except the Chinese Alligator is smaller and its body is full of armor.

Then there are animals that people may not know are native to China. The first animal is the Siberian Tiger or the Amur Tiger, as they are often called as well. This animal is on the endangered list along with many other tiger species.

The next animal is the Golden Monkey. The Golden Monkey can be found in the forests of the mountains located in the Central and Southwestern part of China.

The next one is the Red Crowned Crane. This animal can be found in the riverbanks and marshes of the East-Central and Eastern parts of China.

There are many different types of animals that are part of the Chinese culture for kids and adults alike. Learning about animals, regardless of your age (although it tends to be double exciting for kids), is always full of interesting and fun facts that you may not have known before. Just remember, it is never too late to begin learning about the Chinese culture for kids or adults, and a great way to start is with the country’s native animals.