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Super Joke—“哪里哪里/nǎlǐ nǎlǐ” and “Where where”

28 Aug

Have you made a fool when you speak Chinese language? Don’t be shy to speak even if you always make the fool because language needs to keep practicing from day to day. And now, let’s correct some.

Jonathan attended his Chinese friend’s wedding on Saturday. He has been learning Chinese for a while and prepared several greeting and blessing words in Chinese. When he saw the bride, he said:“你今天真漂亮!/Nǐ jīntiān zhēn piàoliàng!”. The bride smiled and expressed her gratitude to Jonathan:“哪里哪里。/Nǎlǐ nǎlǐ.” Jonathan felt a little embarrassed thinking that he didn’t praise enough, and said:“Hair, eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose, mouth are all very beautiful!”
Language Tips: 哪里 is known as where for most foreign Chinese learners. To ask for where to go: 去哪里?; where it is: 在哪里? However, in the Chinese world, 哪里 is also used as an expression of modesty. It is the same as “You flatter me” in English.



To utilize more spare time learning the Chinese language!

17 Jun

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